Yiting provides a limited quality warranty covering all components for a period of 12 months from the date of shipment.

During the warranty period, Yiting guarantees the defectives due to manufacturing/components

faults no more than 3%, and Yiting can provide 0.5% critical spare parts free of charge for

cooperators' after sales service. Other charges incurred from the after sales service, such as

labor costs, freight, etc would be at cooperator's account

A return rate of 3% or over due to manufacturing/components faults will be considered epidemic.

Yiting would replace or refund for these over quantity defective pieces. Over quantity defective

pieces mean the quantity over 3%. e.g., if the total return rate reaches to 5%, then Yiting would

replace or refund for 2%. The 3% is regarded as franchise. 0.5% spare parts free of charge is still

available for cooperators' after sales service. Spare parts over 0.5% would be charged at cost if

cooperator requests. Other charges incurred from the after sales service, such as labor costs,

freight, etc would be at cooperator's account. For replacement, Yiting would cover the freight,

handling charges, etc. It is agreed that cooperator has the liability at their account to collect the

defective pieces at one main sea port for shipment.

All manufacturing defects will be reported immediately to Yiting by cooperator once found

Cooperator also has the liability to send back all defective products including the 3% franchise for quantity check and faulty reasons detection upon Yiting's request.

Returned quantity would be checked by Yiting. In case different quantity is occurred between Yiting's and cooperator's quantity, Yiting's quantity would be regarded as final correct one. Cooperator or its authorized person can check the quantity with Yiting when the returned container arrives in Yiting's premises to avoid any possible quantity and or defective reasons disputes.

It is also agreed that this standard quality warranty policy does not cover the returns of

non-manufacturing/components faults, such as the defects caused by consumers' wrong operation,

consumers' no reason returns, etc. The detection can be performed by cooperator, and then

checked by Yiting; or performed by Yiting and cooperator dispatches inspector to supervise. The

inspection result at Yiting's premises should be considered final and correct. Yiting guarantees its

inspection result is true, fair and trustable. Necessary documents, photos can be presented upon


For these returns of non-manufacturing/components faults, Yiting commits to repair for cooperator, and the cooperator would only need to pay for the factory's material and labor costs.

If no unusual circumstance exist, the replacement/refund would be made asap not later than 60

days upon receipt of the faulty stock.

This Standard Quality Warranty Policy is only valid for long term cooperation, at least 1 year

or over regular orders.